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Enrollment Steps

The 5 Point Learning Academy - Satellite Program

is a home and community based learning program for Home Educators, HomeSchoolers and UnSchoolers

  We are now accepting paperwork for the July 1 2014 through June 30 2015 school year. Enrollment is open all year. Our school year runs from July 1 - June 30 allowing 365 days to schedule and log the Tennessee mandated minimum requirement of 180 days of attendance of at least four hours of learning per day.  Attendance under our program begins no earlier than your enrollment date with us and ends no later than June 30th. You may schedule and log weekends and holidays.

  • Submit New Family or Returning Family paperwork with fees.

  • Submit proof of Immunization or a written statement that such immunization conflicts with your beliefs and/or the child has not been immunized or is receiving selective / delayed vaccinations due to medical reasons.
  • Copy of the child’s Social Security Card and Birth Certificate is required from all students. This is for their protection.
  • Attendance and Progress /Grade Reporting requirements:
  • Enrolled families will email Attendance & Grade Reporting Form to the School so we can track attendance, submit progress/grade reports (K-8 & 9-12). Email request forms for DMV letter, transcripts, and diplomas. Our school year runs July 1 - June 30. Attendance accrual under our program begins upon enrollment. We require that at least one parent be subscribed to our announcements email list and/or Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/5PLASP/

Final attendance and grade /progress reports are due on or before June 30, 2015.


Our program operates under TACRS. When you enroll in The 5 Point Learning Academy - Satellite Program Satellite School Program, your home will be designated as a satellite (classroom or extension) of The 5 Point Learning Academy - Satellite Program. At least one parent/guardian will be appointed as a faculty member of The 5 Point Learning Academy - Satellite Program under the supervision of our administration. Your children will technically not be HomeSchoolers (as defined by Tennessee law)-- they will be students of The 5 Point Learning Academy - Satellite Program a Non-Public Church-Related School.

 Please note: As a Tennessee non-public school enrollment in our program meets the compulsory attendance laws for the state of Tennessee. We do not assert that enrollment in our program meets the compulsory attendance and/or HomeSchool requirements in other states. It is the parent / guardian’s responsibility to meet the requirements of the state in which the student resides if they do not reside in Tennessee.

HeadStart & Pre-K


HeadStart and Pre-K are not graded grades. They are a Mastered or UnMastered Knowledge and Skills, These records will be kept to follow them as they enter the K-12 programs. It will give them the advanced knowledge that will help them succeed in the coming years.

HeadStart - Child should be 3 years old

Pre-K - Child should be 4 years old

Kindergarten - Child should be 5 years old

We understand that some children are naturally more advanced than some. If you feel this is the case, contact us about your special HeadStart case.

All children are supposed to start Kindergarten at age 5 unless their birthday falls too late in the year. We do not believe in holding a child back because their birthday falls after a certain date. We that you are the better judge if your child is ready or not.  




 Download Registration Forms:

New Family Registration Package                     Returning Family Registration          

New Student Records Transfer Request  

 Additional Siblings Form    HeadStart/Pre-K Registration Form

July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015 Fees

$30 per family / household
applies to all families - new and re-enrolling
(Includes Attendance & Grade Reporting and access to online information and forms)

***If you would like curriculum provided, please contact us to discuss your needs and the fees associated.***

*Prices are subject to change without notice - There are no Refunds*

Grades 9-12 $100
Grades K-8 $50

HeadStart & Pre-K $50
(10% TAO Member or Sibling discount $90/$45)

(10% TAO Member and Sibling discount $80/$40)

We prefer that you use PayPal to submit your fees.


 To postal mail:

Make Money Order payable to:
Temple of the Ancient Ones – School Fund

Be sure that it has your legible name and address.

The 5 Point Learning Academy - Satellite Program

Temple of the Ancient Ones
Attn: Rev. Shari B Yetto
203 Harts Bridge Rd
Jackson, TN 38301

Please do not send cash by postal mail. Send a money order (only)
made payable to Temple of the Ancient Ones-School Fund.

Be sure to include a copy
of your money order with your paperwork.

There are no refunds.

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