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The 5 Point Learning Academy - Satellite Program

Located in Jackson, Tennessee (between Memphis and Nashville), Temple of the Ancient Ones has been serving The Community in various Community Outreach Programs since founded, February 1, 2011 We now have chosen to incorporate a K-12 Church related School, HomeSchool Type Satellite Program. Your child will actually be enrolled in our school so you do not have to register your child as being HomeSchooled, though you will be teaching them at home just the same. One day we plan to have a physical school as well.


A world of free thinking individuals that express themselves through creativity and compassion, and are able to make logical, thought-through decisions for their future.


Aiding parents in being the best teachers they can be and helping children to learn real world lessons so that they may become productive adults in the community.

Inclusivity Statement

We do not discriminate against anyone based on religion, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, ability, or for any other reason, ever. If you would like to be a member of a community that includes all and believes that diversity brings strength, you are at the right place.

Educational Philosophy

Our educational philosophy begins with the belief that all people have a natural desire to learn and grow, and that all aspects of life are a part of a person’s education.

That parents/guardians make the best teachers as they are with the child more than anyone else and they know better how their child learns and at what pace.

Our goal is helping all children develop their unique strengths and overcome their unique challenges in their own way.

We believe that individuals will learn better in, and from, a diverse community rather than locked in a classroom for eight hours a day with information thrown at them at a pace that some may not be able to learn from.

We believe that our differences are resources. Children should be taught to listen to others and honor each other's voice. They should speak to express ourselves and listen to learn from each other.

We should use cooperation, instead of competition as a teaching model. Intimidation and authoritarian means of implementing learning should not part of the learning process, so there is freedom to be who they are without feeling judged.

Children should be encouraged to pursue their learning, in a relaxed setting full of encouragement and with a variety of resources.

The world is a great source of learning fundamentals, such as, science, math, technology, social science, and communication arts like: languages, music and other art forms, as well as social, emotional, and practical skills, in fun and creative ways.

We are a spiritual learning community that sees everything as interconnected and believe that we should all be kind to ourselves, each other, our communities, and our Mother Earth. We respect all religious beliefs and faiths including Christian, Atheism and Agnosticism, and require no statement of faith of any kind.

Organizational Structure

We are here to provide a service and aid parents and guardians/caregivers the assistance that they need to teach their children at home legally and use curriculum approved only by them and to teach at a pace acceptable to each individual child.

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HeadMaster/Principal/Administrator: Rev. Shari B Yetto, HPs Shari B Yetto

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